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Volume 28, Issue 10(209) 2018

Characterization of lytic bacteriophages against pathogenic Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Author: Phan Thi Thanh Thao, Nguyen Hoai Thu, Le Thanh Huong, Ngo Tuan Cuong, Hoang Thi Thu Ha, Lai Vu Kim, Nguyen Thanh Thuy, Tran Quang Huy, Le Dang Hai, Vu Thi Mai Hien and Nguyen Dong Tu
This work aimed to investigate lytic bacteriophages against some pathogenic bacteria. The laboratory techniques were used to analyze their characterization based on plaque morphology, temperature, pH susceptibility, and host range. The results showed that there was only one of lytic bacteriophage isolated from Thai Binh province (in site 5-TB5) infected all strains of Vibrio parahaemolyticus (V. parahaemolyticus). The TB5 bacteriophage was able to lyse from 10-1 to 10-6 dilutions, while no lysis found at dilutions from 10-7 to 10-10. The lytic phenomenon of the bacteriophage was not found on the host at low temperature of 4°C, but a little delay at 15°C, 25°C and 30°C. Similarly, TB5 bacteriophage developed and performed lysis on its host at thermophilic temperature of 41°C but it was completely inactive at temperature regimes of 45°C and 55°C. The ideal temperature for TB5 bacteriolytic activity was 37°C. pH of media was also found affecting virus survival indirectly by influencing the extent of virus adsorption to other particles and surfaces; and TB5 bacteriophage was stable in the pH range from 4 to 10. Using transmission electron microscopy, TB5 bacteriophage had an icosahedral head (55 ± 2.5 nm in diameter) with a non-contractile tail of and belongs to the Podoviridae family. It could be concluded that the V. parahaemolyticus phage has wide host range and thus exhibits the potential to be used as drug substitute tool against V. parahaemolyticus bacteria
Vibrio parahaemolyticus; bacteriophage; lytic; host range; environmental water.
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