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Volume 28, Issue 10(209) 2018

Some epidemiological characteristics of human rabies in Northern Vietnam, 2011 - 2017

Author: Dom Peou, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Pham Ngoc Thach, Dao Thi Minh An and Pham Quang Thai
Rabies is still a main public health concern in Vietnam, where an average of 70 deaths per year is reported in the northern region. A case series study using available data from the national rabies surveillance system was performed to describe epidemiological characteristics of human rabies in northern region of Vietnam in order to identify main reasons of rabies deaths. A total of 489 human rabies cases were reported in Northern Vietnam from 2011 to 2017. The highest cases reported in 2011 (91 cases | 0.23/100,000 pop) then decreased constantly to 51 cases by 2017 except for year 2016 (78 cases | 0.19/100,000). The disease occurred across year, but higher in hot weather, especially in May and June. Male patients’ percentage (63.70%) was twice higher than female’s (36.30%), and children under 15 years of age accounted for 26.53%. Almost deaths (96%) were not vaccinated against rabies after being exposed, neither were the biting animals. Reasons of vaccine refused were patients subjective (65.68%), lack of disease awareness (15%), use of traditional medicine (11.59%). Patients were mostly farmers (61.55%) and children/students (27.82%) and all human deaths (99.36%) exposed to rabid dogs. Main reasons of deaths among people vaccinated to rabies were late and/ or incomplete vaccination. Despite an overall, the number of human rabies cases has been declined since 2011; it increased rapidly in Red River Delta from 2014. The results suggested that it is necessary to call for information, education and communication campaigns on rabies particularly prevention by wound hygiene and vaccination
rabies; human rabies; Northern Vietnam
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