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Page: 124
Volume 27, Issue 4(193) 2017

The report of Zika virus disease in Vietnam, 2016

Author: Vu Trong Duoc, Vu Sinh Nam, Dang Duc Anh, Le Thi Quynh Mai, Tran Dac Phu, Dang Quang Tan, Nguyen Duc Khoa, Pham Hung, Bui Huy Hoang and Tran Nhu Duong
In 2016, as soon as World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed Zika virus disease is the public health emergency problem of international concern, Vietnam has had set up a Zika virus disease surveillance system at some key locations throughout the country. In April, the first case of Zika virus infection was recognized in Vietnam, then Zika virus disease has circulated in some provinces. The total number of cases recorded in 2016 was 212 cases, including 01 case of suspected microcephaly symptom because her mother infected with Zika virus on pregnancy. Zika virus disease incidence rate was 0.2/100,000 population. Besides, 56 individuals Aedes aegypti mosquitoes (0.24%) were found to have Zika virus. Genetic analyzing some cases of Zika showed that Zika virus which is detected in Vietnam has close connection with Asian Zika virus strain. Zika virus disease is mosquitoes borne diseases that develop complicated and unpredicted in Vietnam, requiring the monitoring and prevention of this disease always have the initiative, timely and active
Zika virus, microcephaly, Vietnam
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