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Volume XXVI, Issue 12(185) 2016

Virological characterization of the human swine – origin A/H3N2 influenza virus in Northern Vietnam

Author: Hoang Vu Mai Phuong, Nguyen Le Khanh Hang, Le Thi Thanh, Nguyen Co Thach, Ung Thi Hong Trang and Le Quynh Mai
The human swine-origin influenza virus (variant influenza virus) is a reassortant virus from classical swine, avian and human influenza viruses. Infection of swine with human H3N2 influenza virus (H3N2v) was reported in the US in 2005. H3N2v continues to be recognized as pandemic potential strains in the future. The first human H3N2v influenza case was detected in Southern Vienam in 2010. We now report a case of H3N2v detected in Northern Vietnam in 2015 using RT-PCR, viral isolation and sequencing methods. The confirmed case is a two- year- old boy, living inn a communal farm far from Hanoi capital about 30km. He was not directly contact to swine, but swine barn wasclose to his house. The studied H3N2v is a combination of gene segments between swine influenza A (H3N2v) North American lineage 2010 (HA, NA, NP) and human A(H1N1)pdm 09 (PB2, PB1, PA, M and NS), that is different component gene of human H3N2v viruses reported in the US; it unlikely widespread as seasonal influenza viruses and potential of an emerging pandemic is not evidence now. Monitoring influenza viruses in human and animal health is needed to provide evidence-base about interspecises transmission, that may help infection control measures and vaccine development in Vietnam
human swine-origin influenza H3N2 virus, Hanoi, Vietnam
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