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Volume XXVI, Issue 12(185) 2016

The demand on technology innovation for vaccine research and production in Vietnam

Author: Nguyen Thu Van, Do Tuan Dat, Vu Hong Nga and Mac Van Trong
Recent advances in vaccine technology stemming from the application of genetic engineering, cell culture, recombinant protein and conjugation technology are now providing an opportunity to target new diseases. The previous century’s successes in reducing the primary causes of mortality in childhood now include protecting against infectious agents that can result in significant morbidity. Scientific progress and these broadened applications will no doubt result in improved health-based outcomes, but progress often comes at a significant short-term cost. Although it is true that improved outcomes are the goal of health care technology and that preventing disease is preferable to treatment, thus reducing overall costs, confusion persists about the best course going forward. The vaccine produced by new technology have high grade of purity safety, effective prevention is better and cheaper. The article focuses on presenting how Vietnam has mastered the technology to produce local vaccines and to be an effective tool for active prevention strategies such as recombinant hepatitis B, inactivated hepatitis A, mouse brain derived Japanese encephalitis, Oral cholera, Oral live attenuated poliomyelitis vaccine, Measles, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, BCG, Typhoid Vi, Rotavirus and for other new vaccines – it should be invested for technological innovation, research and development and clinical trials in order to have meet the demand of the country
Vaccine, production technology, inactivation, live attenuated, recombinant
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