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Volume XXV, Issue 7(167) 2015

Adverse events after Quinvaxem vaccination among children and their mother’ practices on post-immunization monitoring in Bac Ninh province, 2014

Author: Duong Thi Hong, Pham Quang Thai, Duong Huy Luong, Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung, Nguyen Khac Tu and Tran Nhu Duong
Vaccine is similar to drug in causing adverse events at different levels following immunization (AEFI). Those adverse events can be prevented or minimized with close cooperation between health workers and mothers. This study was conducted to describe the current situation of adverse events following Quinvaxem vaccination and its relation to mother’ knowledge and practice on child monitoring. At vaccination site, children were observed and mothers were interiviewed right after vaccination. Observing children and interviewing their mothers in health center right after vaccination were recorded on site. The adverse events following 3 days after vaccination was also recorded at their house. The results showed that the proportion of children having adverse events at the injection site and throughout the body were 82.7% and 89.6%, respectively. Local reactions included pain (70.7%), swollen (66.6%) and redness (46.6%). Most serious whole body reactions were fever (84.5%), crying (76.8%), and screaming crying more than 3 hours (5.2%). Higher rates of adverse events were found in the later doses. Most events occurred within 24h of vaccination (96.7%) and disappeared after 2 days (68.2%). A high proportion of mothers (42.9%) did not keep their children at commune heath centers for 30 minute after vaccination because they did not think of any reaction should happen to their children. There was relation between educational levels of mothers to their post-vaccination child monitoring practice. Health worker’s consultation and guidance to mothers before immunization are important to help mothers understanding the importance of monitoring children after vaccination for a better care and immunization safety.
adverse events after immunization, vaccine, Vietnam, Bac Ninh
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